is the standard rental contract and payment system in Myanmar?

In Myanmar, the contract is usually at least 12 months contract and need to pay 12 month up front for the rental. But for some clients who are not convenient to pay 12 months up front, we can negotiate with the owner to break the payment into two such as 6 months & another 6 months. (It’s depending on the landlord.)


How should I make a payment? Bank transfer or cash? Myanmar Kyats or Dollar?
Most of the landlord prefers cash dollar or Kyats equivalent. But because of the rental payment system in Myanmar, tenant needs to pay large amount at one time. So we accept easier payment which is bank transfer.


is immigration rules and regulations for the foreigner?

When the tenant rent a house or condominium, they need to give the following necessary documents to landlord to apply Form C (To inform at immigration office).
1) Tenant’s Passport and Visa copy
2) Company’s recommendation letter for each tenant
3) Company’s registration copy
4) Company’s Form 6 and 26 copy
5) Tenant’s color photos 1”x1.5” size (4 copies for each tenant)


is the security deposit?

Security deposit is normally one month rental fees to deposit to landlord if there is some damage happen in the leased unit. At the end of the contract if tenant did not make any major damage in leased unit the deposit money will be returned to the lessee.

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